About Us

David A Benson


My name is David Benson, I have been taking pictures for over 40 years but for the last four years I have been doing it professionally and living the dream. I have created a small company called Personalized Photoart Inc. My specialty is working with realtors, yacht agents and their clients to provide high-quality Photographs/Video of homes, yachts and businesses with using three types of medium, HDR photography, drone photography/video and 3-D virtual tours using the new Matterport camera. This is my passion and this is what I love to do, taking pictures of architecture and yachts all over the Southwest Florida area.

The reason I call my company Personalized Photoart is because I truly try to make everything personally designed for my client. Customer satisfaction is my number one goal!

If you would like to contact me my e-mail is, PPhotoArt@gmail.com. Phone, 941-350-8865
Have a great day!